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Complete solutions for laser measurement in industry
Wood industry, Steel industry, Tyre industry
Telaris - uporaba laserjev v jeklarski industriji
Telaris - uporaba laserjev v lesni industriji
Telaris - uporaba laserjev v gumarski industriji

Laser measuring systems for industries

Telaris doo is a company for planning, designing and implementing technologically demanding measuring systems in the rubber, steel and woodworking industries. We represent and market a wide range of laser products from LAP GmbH, LIKA and ProMIC. We successfully implement technologically demanding measuring systems in the form of out-of-the-box solutions with the knowledge and experience of our own past projects, which we build on with the knowledge and experience of our partners.

About the company
Telaris LAP laserji
Telaris LAP lasersko merjenje

Laser measurement in the manufacturing industry

In our extensive range, we offer solutions for accurately measuring thickness and profile thickness for flat products such as sheet steel and strip metal.

The quality of the steel strip or steel sheet in terms of its thickness is critical to making the perfect cold strip. Our laser sensors are used in cold belt areas and do not generate radioactive radiation and do not require laser class 2 protective measures, or require only low precautions when using class 3B laser sensors.

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Incremental, absolute optical and magnetic encoders

Encoders are devices that represent a key element in ensuring the appropriate angle of the shaft, with which we control the thickness of rolled or grounded elements.

With these devices, we detect changes in the production environment more easily and quickly and record related data. With the help of encoders, you can send the collected data to other electrical devices in the form of analog or digital signals. With this, you can achieve greater automation of the production process and save time, money and raw materials in each production cycle.

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Telaris - inkrementalni enkoderji
Telaris - senzorji in naprave za natančno merjenje

Sensors, measuring devices and high-precision measuring systems

We offer a wide range of high-precision displacement sensors, infrared temperature sensors, color sensors and dimensional measuring devices and systems for industrial use.

Sensors are used in various industries for research and development (R&D), production automation or mechanical engineering. By implementing them, you can quickly and efficiently perform angle measurements, distance, frequency and speed measurements in many everyday industrial processes.

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Why trust us

Slovensko znanje - Telaris d.o..o.
Slovenian knowledge

We create technologically demanding products that are designed and created in Slovenia (Europe).

Celostne rešitve na enem mestu - Telaris d.o.o.
Hi-end products and solutions

We work with internationally recognized suppliers of laser and other products, including LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen, Astech, PRO-MIC Corporation and Lika electronics Srl.

Vrhunski produkti in rešitve - Telaris d.o.o.
Comprehensive  solutions - in one place

We are experts in the implementation of laser measurement systems and support systems that enable accurate measurements within tolerance zones, identification of defects, higher product quality and minimize production downtime and costs that would arise in the event of possible product rejection by the customer.

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We offer

We offer high quality lasers, various types of encoders, sensors, displays and position controllers, positioning units and roll profile measuring systems for use in the rubber, metal, woodworking and/or other industries.

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Key benefits of our
products and solutions

  • Constant control over production processes,
  • higher output quality,
  • lower costs due to fewer rejected products,
  • adaptability of systems and implementation of out-of-the-box solutions.
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