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Telaris doo is a company for planning, designing and implementing technologically demanding measuring systems in the rubber, steel and woodworking industries. We represent and market a wide range of laser products from LAP GmbH, LIKA and ProMIC. We successfully implement technologically demanding measuring systems in the form of out-of-the-box solutions with the knowledge and experience of our own past projects, which we build on with the knowledge and experience of our partners.

We deal with agencies and marketing of laser products rich business program LAP GmbH
established in Luneburg-u, Germany. By design, planning, execution system and advanced technology in the manufacture of rubber products, metal and wood treatment and other industries operate in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and southern Austria. Technologically advanced products, designed and created in Slovenia, in collaboration with LAP GmbH and developed their marketing marketing network worldwide.

Laser applications, solutions and systems

Kidričeva 6
2380 Slovenj Gradec
Slovenia, EU



E: info@telaris.si
T: +386 (0)2 878 51 04
F: +386 (0)2 878 51 05
M: +386 (0)40 657 574

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