Tyre industry

Laser systems for tyre production

We offer movable laser positioning systems for precise tire manufacturing on tire building machines and for quality control.

Our laser positioning systems help you produce the optimum performing tyre. With our custom solutions, you can increase the quality and reliability of produced tyres.

Telaris - laserji za uporabo v gumarski industriji
Telaris - prednosti meritev v gumarski industriji

Key benefits

Lower your production costs and ensure higher quality products

Our movable laser positioning systems help you meet the highest demands for durability, safety, and driving performance. In our solutions, we use the most advanced high quality products on the market. We use laser technology from LAP for manual rubber layup and quality control.

With our custom laser systems you can achieve the highest possible positioning accuracy, which in turn leads to and constant and reliable production quality.

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Why choose us?

Regardless of what current system you use – we do our best to integrate our solutions into your existing production process.

With our custom solutions, you can produce more in the same amount of time, while maintaining a high production quality, lowering production costs and lowering the amount of rejected components.

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