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Laser systems the steel industry

Steel and similar metals are the materials of the future. Technology in the field of the steel industry is constantly developing, and we follow this development at Telaris d.o.o. as well. Our systems are integrated in leading steel production plants in order to precisely optimize production processes and improve their efficiency. With greater optimization and efficiency, your company can also achieve greater business results.

With our laser measuring systems, you can reduce material holding times on the production line and increase the efficiency of the entire production. Our solutions with state-of-the-art measuring systems are known for optimizing production quality in the steel industry.

Telaris - laserski merilni sistemi za jeklarsko industrijo
Telaris - laserski meritveni sistem za jeklarsko industrijo

Key benefits

With our laser measuring systems you can measure important geometric values such as height, width, length, thickness or flatness of your steel products. Whether for hot or cold applications, our systems will provide reliable measurement data and will reduce production waste that would arise from inaccurate measurements in the manufacturing process.

In cooperation with you, we will design a customized solution that will include all the necessary features for measuring material thickness, edges, profile, grooves, as well as include the possibility of detecting surface irregularities.

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Why trust us?

The introduction of a new measurement system into existing production process can represent a large financial investment. But don't worry - we're here to help you. At Telaris d.o.o. we use only the best quality products and systems, which we incorporate into custom solutions that are completely adapted to your production process and needs. With our solutions, you can significantly optimize your production process and increase its efficiency. As a result, you will save on production costs, time and increase your income in the long term. Investment in our solutions can be returned within the first 6 months.

At Telaris d.o.o. we are experts in the development and implementation of customized laser systems. We take the time to get to know the requirements and needs of our customers. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of implementing laser measuring systems and make the best of your business.

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