Measuring thickness

Measuring the thickness of materials is one of the key factors of quality control of manufactured products. You can achieve higher efficiency and quality of the production process and manufactured products with accurate measurements of material thickness, profile thickness, and detection of possible defects in the surface of the product.

At Telaris d.o.o. we offer custom solutions for measuring flat and rolled products.

Telaris - sistem za merjenje debeline žice
Telaris - sistem za merjenje debeline plošč

Measuring flat products

Flat products are measured by measuring the thickness of the material and the thickness of the profile. Such measurements are mainly used in steel industry in the production of cold sheet steel or steel strips.

Our measurement systems allow for real-time calibration during production, which makes it easier and faster to achieve the desired result. In addition to the simple use of the measuring system, the system it is suitable for a wide range of production environments, as it enables the measurement of materials that heat up to 200 °C.

Depending on the layout of your production facility, you can choose between corner or central measuring systems for the most efficient use of space.

Measuring rolled products

Rolled products include steel bars, rebars, wires and tubes. In addition to the basic measurements of the thickness and the thickness of the product profile, with our solutions you can also measure the diameter and roundness of the measured object. In addition you can detect any defects on the metal surface.

For example, a glowing hot wire is drawn through a rolling mill at about 120 m/s during continuous production. Due to the speed, high temperature and dirt, a highly accurate measuring system is needed to perform the appropriate measurements. This system must be able to defy all environmental circumstances in the production process as well as take into account the irregular shape of the measured material.

For this purpose, we at Telaris d.o.o. offer a wide range of measuring systems designed specifically for measuring rolled, geometric products. Measuring systems differ in measuring speeds and measurement ranges. We believe we can together design the most suitable solution for your production process.

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