Laser technology

Laser technology is indispensable in ensuring accurate measurements and accurate positioning of materials in the production process. Unlike other tools and technologies, laser technology enables greater sensitivity when detecting differences and deviations and greater accuracy when measuring over greater distances, which ensures optimal utilization of materials, and thus lower production costs.

Laser technology works with the help of light projection of thin lines - guides, that help in precise positioning of elements, marking of elements, measurement and detection of their deviations. Laser technology increases the quality of manufactured products, reduces the number of rejects in the production process and lowers production costs.

Telaris - vzpostavitev sistema laserske tehnologije
Telaris - aplikacija laserske tehnologije v gumarski industriji

Laser and laser light

Light is an electromagnetic wave, and the result of the wave is a light beam. Laser light is produced by the production of an electromagnetic wave of a certain wavelength. Coherent light occurs where all photons have the same phase shift and the same polarization. At the same time, they produce a very high intensity, which is reflected in a strong light beam. This light propagates with little divergence and therefore remains strong over greater distances.


A laser is a device for storing energy, which is then instantly released in a very powerful beam of light. It consists of three basic parts:

  • centers or media, which is a crystal or a tube with liquid or gas, where we supply energy,
  • an electrical device that can produce strong flashes of light or strong radio waves (eg lightning),
  • resonator, which creates a standing electromagnetic wave and a precise laser beam direction (usually two parallel mirrors, one opaque and the other semi-transparent).

Use cases

Lasers and laser technology have great utility in various industries as well as in home use. Lasers are used in steel, wood, rubber and other processing industries for measurement, processing (cutting, welding, engraving) or positioning materials.

In medicine and related health industries, lasers are used in surgery, phototherapy, microscopy, positioning of patients, etc. In scientific research and development activities, lasers are used for the needs of holography, interferometry and spectroscopy. Their application is also present in astronomy, military activities, telecommunications and in construction and geodesy.

Telaris - aplikacija laserske tehnologije v lesni industriji

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