Wood industry

Positioning lasers for the wood industry

We offer laser positioning systems and laser projection systems for alignment and placement of materials and workpieces in the production process.

The wood industry requires highly accurate measurements, because even one millimeter of deviation can mean that the final construction (e.g. a wooden house) will not be stable. With the help of our laser systems, you will achieve greater measurement accuracy in your production process, which will in turn save you time and money in every production cycle.

Telaris - laserji za pozicioniranje v lesni industriji
Telaris - aplikacija laserske tehnologije v lesni industriji

Key benefits

There are many factors that can affect the production process' efficiency. These factors are directly related to high accuracy  measurements.

Our solutions include state-of-the-art laser systems that enable precise measurement of dimensions of incoming materials, projection of laser beams for proper positioning and alignment of elements, and also offer control over the quality of produced and processed materials. With high-precision measurements, you will speed up the feeding speed of materials into the production process, increase the quality and accuracy of manufactured products, and reduce costs that would otherwise arise from rejected products.

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Why trust us?

Regardless of whether you are engaged in the craft production of wooden products and semi-finished products, or have a sawmill, or are engaged in the production of prefabricated houses - together we will find a suitable solution and a laser system that will best suit your existing production needs.

In our company, we use technologies and systems of the highest quality, which have been tested and designed for the toughest and most robust production environments. In these environments, precision and optimal use of raw materials, saving time and money are crucial. Together with us and our solutions, you will take your production process to the next level.

Telaris - laserji za uporabo v lesni industirji

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